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To develop applications that streamline technical functions for our Clients through research, reinvestment, and collaboration.


Created by a group of individuals dedicated to helping streamline the technical functions of managing projects/events, ControlPAK was designed to help project controls professionals do their jobs efficiently and effectively in each work environment. As a “tool kit” company, we value the time these professionals spend analyzing data in order to provide management with the critical, accurate and transparent reports required to makesound business decisions. With over 10 years of developing applications to meet client’s needs, our dedication to making your team successful by creating standard costsaving processes is our number one priority.


Release 1.5 |WorkPAK

Features (SaaS Software as Service)

  • Different client interfaces (web, tablet, android, iOS) according to site needs.
  • Risk Analysis Calculator
  • Report Designer
  • Form Designer
  • Audit Log Report
  • Cloud Migration
  • Integration with other software.

Release 2.0 | CostPAK


  • Integration with Accounting Software / Cost Data Imports
  • Daily Force Reports (Tracking)
  • Invoice Reconciliations
  • Forecasting
  • Risk Analysis using Monte Carlo Simulation
  • Cost Reports
  • Cost Data Export for BI Reports

Release 3.0 | MaterialPAK


  • Integration with Material Procurement Software
  • Material Management
    • Ordering Materials
    • Tracking Materials

Release 4.0 | ?PAK


  • Time Distribution Application
  • Critical Path Management
  • Resource Management


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