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WorkPAK is a new application created for improving efficiency in all aspects of Project Controls. The need for a tool of this kind is everywhere and has been demanded for a long time. A planning and cost tool with the flexibility to support any site is imperative and will soon be the standard in the field.


  • Scope Development
  • Planning
  • Budget Development
  • Change Management
  • Measure Planning Progress

Why It Was Created:

There is a need for a complex but easy to use planning software.
There is no other tool out there that can efficiently plan and manage turnarounds, while simultaneously track work and budgets.
Turnarounds are the single costliest maintenance event in a production facility and the most complex to plan and execute.
Through extensive consultation with experienced planners, cost managers, and project control managers, we have developed a customizable tool that has merged the project controls.

 What it does:


  • Uses System-wide elements that are site-specific. 
  • Creation of custom grid columns that can be formatted per user specifications to capture any data.
  • Mass data assignments to eliminate single record updating.
  • Loading, saving, and exporting layouts for viewing data.
  • Importing and exporting to reduce data entry
  • Excel-like functionality 





Conditional Formatting 

Aggregate summary data. 

Conditional Formatting

WorkPAK allows you to apply a format to a cell or a range of cells based on certain criteria.

Conditional Formatting

Loading, Saving, and Exporting Layouts

Users can customize their interface by changing themes, creating and saving layouts, and filtering items that they want to work on.


Mass Data Assignments

Multiple items can be selected and assigned scope, equipment, WBS, piority, and much more.

Mass Assignment


  • Phase-Gate process to develop cost estimates and control budget. 
  • Simultaneous cost estimates while planning. 
  • Data transparency among managers to reduce cost, unnecessary planning, and material procurement. 


  • Simple Event Scope creation.
  • Real-time planning statistics. 
  • Cross event imports, exports, and cloning.  Event Scope, step-outs, resources, and attachments will be exported, imported, and/or cloned. This increases planner efficiency while reducing planning redundancy.   
  • Custom Event Scope validation to provide checks and balances between planners and validation. 
  • Scenario templates to estimate how many planners needed per event. 
  • Tracks planners’ progress which allows managers to allocate work to finish planning on time and on budget. 
  • Build-in alert system.  The system is an internal messaging and email system that notifies users that attention is required during a specific process.
  • Customizable export to populate and update P6. 


  • Develops cost estimates while planners detail activity step-outs, materials, labor, tools, and specialty contractor items.
  • Budget control using the Phase-Gate process.
  • Indirect Cost Management that is used to enter cost such as per diem.
  • Timesheet entry or import. 
  • Transparent cost accuracy during the entire process.
  • Easy cost analysis, bid creation, and awarding bids using cost element grouping and detail distribution of the cost. 
  • Cost Curves for bid awards, cost buckets, and time distribution. 
  • Cost Dashboard for viewing budget development during planning. 
  • Timesheet Dashboard for viewing changes to budget during execution. 
  • Historical data access to view cost estimates for predicting new event estimates using past values.  This greatly increases cost accuracy in future events. 


    • Document control allows customized job packages and attachment configurations for printing. 
    • Editable comment fields in print preview which allows for last-minute touch-ups. 
    • Canned reports are commonly used reports. 
    • Custom reports that allows customized field selection. 

     Common Problems Today and How WorkPAK Solves Them



    Everyone is planning and tracking cost in Excel or other tools that do not communicate with one another. There are multiple different spreadsheets from multiple different people that are trying to track the same things, and trying to merge them leads to the loss of data and therefore the loss of time and money.


    WorkPAK is an all-in-one tool and data can be shared across people and departments. This transparency allows for real time comparisons that minimizes errors and leads to quicker and more correct solutions. For historical data, any excel spreadsheet can be imported into and exported out of the tool easily.



    Every site plans differently.


    WorkPAK has been made fully customizable to allow a site to add custom fields to any grid and to run custom reports. With this flexibility, the program can cater to any customer.



    Planning and Cost are usually in two different applications.


    Allows both planning and budget development to be in one application.

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